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Untitled (Maybe I Do Hate You)

For so long
I heard it ...

You are worthless
You are not good enough
You will never be anything
You are nobody

Over and over
And over
And over

And still it echoes
It resonates
In my very core

And the more success
I put between

The more I hear it:

You are worthless
You are not good enough
You will never be anything

My Body Betrays Me

My body betrays me
In it lies the remembrances
Of a child it once borne
And then bore

But lost forever
Not to death
But to life
Without me

Apart from me
In a better place
Just not with me

They got the best of me
Wrong situations
Inappropriate circumstances
But I don't believe in my right

So I chose the hardest thing
And now I live with it daily


finely tuned
perfectly oiled
equals precisely right
like a hand in glove
searing moisture
feels just right
never been one for kisses
but ...
maybe i've been kissing wrong
like you've been "something" wrong
and instead it's someone
that one
you just might be
simple as that
nothing like it
i get so lost
in the 33
the number
of precision

Today I Let Go

Today I let go ...

I surrendered my pain beneath a downpour in the ebony of the moonlight

Let it envelop the darkness of unforgiven trespasses

As shoulders hunched and body wracked

Moisture of tears masked by drops of rain

Betrayed by the salty taste upon my lips

I chased away the shadows upon my plains that block the light of You

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