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& today I cried

(May 16, 2008)

Every so often, I find myself reading the following:

" ... but I still haven't forgiven myself."

What kind of a statement is that? Is it biblical? Psychological? Self-condemning? Self-righteous? Does the Bible tell us to forgive ourselves or to withhold forgiveness from ourselves if we really feel bad about what we did? What does the Bible say about forgiving self?

The Bible has a great deal to say about God forgiving us and us forgiving one another, but it says nothing about forgiving ourselves, because forgiving oneself is not the answer to sin. If an unbeliever forgives himself, for instance, he is still in his sin. If a believer forgives himself, he is taking the place of God. If he says, "I know God has forgiven me, but I just can't forgive myself," he is placing his own judgment above God's merciful provision.

Today I Let Go

Today I let go ...

I surrendered my pain beneath a downpour in the ebony of the moonlight

Let it envelop the darkness of unforgiven trespasses

As shoulders hunched and body wracked

Moisture of tears masked by drops of rain

Betrayed by the salty taste upon my lips

I chased away the shadows upon my plains that block the light of You

Thanksgiving: Why I Stare

(November 27, 2008)

For my husband:

I oftentimes find myself staring at him.  In the beginning, whenever he would catch me, he'd always ask me, "What?"

To which I always shrugged and responded, "Nothing."

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